Healthcare App Development Guide for 2024

Healthcare App Development Guide 2024

Technology is bringing a new era to healthcare! Hospitals and pharmacies are now in our pockets!

Yes!!! Healthcare or mHealth apps are transforming the way healthcare delivers. It has accelerated the growth of the digital healthcare industry in the past few years.

As a result, healthcare startups are massively adopting this pocket-size solution in order to dominate the market and draw more users.

However, due to the lack of health tech understanding, many health tech startups disappear in this ever-expanding ocean.

So, this article is the roadmap for healthcare app development that will assist you in forming a strong market presence.

Healthcare App Market – An Overview (Market Outlook)

Before starting a healthcare app development, it’s essential to understand the market.

So, let’s dig into some astonishing facts about the healthcare app market.

●  The global healthcare app market size was valued at USD 38.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 105.9 billion by 2030.

●  The USA mHealth app market is booming right now!

●  Right now, there are over 350,000 healthcare apps available in the app stores.

global healthcare app market size

The driving factors of this booming market are as follows: 

●  Rising adoption of the medical and fitness app market

●  Growing awareness of the digital health

●  An affordable and convenient solution

●  Saves valuable time for healthcare experts and patients

That’s the reason, the mHealth market is experiencing revolutionary growth.

What are the Challenges Prevalent in the Healthcare Sector?

Healthcare is now in a cell of hardships.

Yes. That’s the reality that no one has dared to speak about.

Because of the old-age healthcare delivery and ecosystem, healthcare is facing so many challenges.

For instance,

1) Medical Errors

Medical errors result in almost 400,000 deaths in the USA alone. It is a big issue that needs to be addressed in healthcare and it is only feasible if the technology implementation is up to the mark while at the same time offering true value to the healthcare system.

Medical errors

2) Burnout of the Healthcare Professionals

Due to the high work burden, healthcare professionals are not able to focus on patient care needs. In fact, many medical experts are experiencing poor mental health due to time-consuming workflows.

healthcare professionals burnout

3) Poor Patient Outcomes and Care Experience

Because medical experts and clinical staff are stuck in the paperwork and other time-consuming work, patients are now in the middle of the freeway with zero hopes for the gain of the care experience and overall outcomes.

As a result, an outcome-driven solution is required for healthcare providers to overcome costly and time-consuming challenges.

Healthcare app development has the huge potential to decode healthcare roadblocks efficiently and effectively.

Types of Healthcare Applications Dominating in the Digital Healthcare Market

After completing the comprehensive market research of the mHealth app, we have come up with the following healthcare applications that you should consider for your healthcare app development.

1. Telemedicine app:

2. Pharmacy delivery app:

3. Skincare eCommerce:

4. Women’s Health app:

5. Men’s Health app:

6. Personal health records app:

7. Patient Portal app:

8. Remote patient monitoring app:

9. Diet and nutrition app:

10. Exercise and fitness app: 

5 Things You Should Consider When Developing a Healthcare Application

Healthcare app development is not just about tech things.

There are several other factors that play a massive role throughout the journey.

So, let’s take a look at those crucial aspects in detail.

1) Know Your Target Audience

Your app must fulfill the exact needs of the patients as well as the care providers.

For that, understanding the target audience is an essential step.

Things to Consider

Know your user's likes and dislikes

Know how to overcome the negative response

Know what challenges your users are facing

2) Do Comprehensive Market Research Along With Competitor Analysis

Understanding what your competitors are doing is essential in healthcare app development.

Things to Consider

●  Do a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

●  Analyze their products' positive and negative reviews

●  Create a comprehensive business strategy

●  Try to offer more useful solutions compared to the competitors

3) Choose the Right Platform

Make sure that your app should reach a wide range of users.

For that, selecting the right platform for the app launch is important.

Things to Consider:

●  Know what your target audience is using

●  Know which country you want to target

4) Choose the Healthcare-Specific Development Company

This is one of the most crucial aspects of healthcare app development.

You must consider a healthcare IT company over just an IT company if you want to achieve your business goals and profitable presence in the competitive market.

But why?

●  They understand how the healthcare industry works.

●  They are aware of the needs of both patients and their care providers.

●  They have a clear sense of the shifting digital health tech market.

●  They are familiar with how to overcome healthcare app development consequences such as compliance.

Last but not least, they care about your healthcare business vision.

5) Don’t Avoid the Compliance Laws

Data privacy is the most significant aspect of the healthcare app.

If you avoid the compliance laws in healthcare app development, you have to face the consequence from the government in terms of fines.

Things to Consider:

●  Hire a healthcare-specific development company

●  Run a compliance audit

●  Fix all the data privacy issues

How Much Does a Healthcare App Development Cost in 2024?

In simple terms, it depends on your requirements.

There are several different factors that impact the overall healthcare mobile application development process.

For instance,

●  The development time and team required for the development process

●  The tech stack you need for your healthcare app

●  Application features

●  The country you pick for the development 

●  UI/UX of the app

●  Integration you need 

●  Compatibility

So, above mentioned are the primary driving factors of the healthcare app development costs.

“Be the New Frontier of the Healthcare Innovation”

Dominating the digital healthcare market is challenging.

A successful healthcare app development is the key to lifting up the market presence.

Comprehensive market research, sufficient app development process, and meeting compliance requirements are the essential steps that healthcare startups should not avoid!

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