Suffering From Blocked Sinus? 5 Natural Remedies to Try Out

Natural Remedies for Sinus Congestion Relief

We've all known the sheer frustration of a blocked nose or the opposite problem of nasal passages comparable to a leaky faucet; both sinus complaints are exceptionally common. More often than not, other symptoms like a painful scratchy throat and sore, puffy eyes are also present to make matters even worse. 

But whether your sinus troubles are due to a cold or flu virus, you're battling seasonal allergies, or you're unsure of the cause, we've listed a few natural solutions for relief. So if a blocked nose is keeping you from getting quality sleep, try these home remedies. 

Sinus Massage

Sinus massage techniques have been used for centuries to relieve blocked nasal passages. This natural technique is exceptionally valuable for anyone; you can even perform these massage techniques on infants and children of all ages. You'll need to gently press and massage particular pressure points on the facial area, above your incisor teeth, on your jaw, and between your eyes. It's best to use a visual chart to determine the pressure points.

Nasal Flushing

Nasal flushing might not be the most appealing way to unclog a blocked nose, although you'll find fast relief. Use a saline rinse to flush your nasal passages by squeezing the solution up one side of your nose while your head is tilted. The solution will emerge from your other nose, and the salt in the saline solution will help clear any infections. 


If the above solutions don't bring you relief, it's worthwhile to consider steaming your nasal passages clear. Fill your largest pot with tap water and bring to a boil. Then sit near the pot and inhale as much steam as you can through your nose and mouth. It's best to hang around the steamy pot for at least half an hour for effective results. Otherwise, a steamy shower is also an option. 

Warm Compress

Using a sinus pressure point chart, place a warm compress on particular areas of your face to relieve the pressure. The forehead and cheekbone areas are good options. Let the warm compress go to work for about half an hour. Remove the compress and repeat until you feel your sinus passages drain. You can repeat this process as often as necessary because it's completely safe. 

Saline Nose Spray

If your blocked nose is not too serious just yet, saline nose spray might do the trick. You can also consider making your own saline solution with a bit of salt and some bottled water. You'll also need a nose spray bottle. Alternatively, you can purchase saline nose spray from your local pharmacy. 

When to Visit the Doctor

While the solutions listed above are effective and practical, there are some cases where medical attention is the only solution for sinus congestion. 

If your symptoms persist for ten days or more and don't improve or worsen, a visit to your local general practitioner is a wise move. Moreover, if fever or changes in your vision accompany your symptoms, it's also best to visit your doctor as soon as possible. 

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