How to Experience Italy Like a Local

The dream of living La Dolce Vita is often the reason many people want to go to Italy. Unfortunately the expectation vs reality of the situation is quite different. Mass tourism is making many parts of Italy a nightmare to visit and completely ruins the idea of the sweet life in Italy. The nice thing is that Italy is still a fantastic place to visit if you want to live like a local. 

Italy is a big country but many tourists are concentrated in a few areas like Rome, Venice, and Florence. This means that if you want to experience Italy like a local there are many places to go to do this. In this article, we will go over several ways you can beat the crowds in Italy and live the Dolce Vita after all.

1) Hit the water

Italy has thousands of miles of coastline and the sea is one of its best features. As beautiful as the country is from land, it takes on another character when you view it from the sea. You can truly get away from the crowds and see Italy like a fisherman by renting a boat from yacht charter club 12knots. Sleeping on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean is an experience that is not to be missed especially when the tourist crowds are at their peak. 

You’ll be able to get to places that the typical tourist has no access to so it has a lot of other benefits as well. There are so many small beaches hidden away that are only reachable by boat so you can have them to yourself. 

2) Stay in a village

In Italy, you can feel a million miles away from the big tourist areas while actually being within a quick train ride. This means that there are thousands of small villages where you can stay and enjoy life as a local and still be able to get to the cultural sites or beaches.

The key is to be as local as possible. Go to the same coffee shop in the morning before you head out to the touristy spots. Eat at the same trattoria for dinner and that’s how you become like a local. You will be treated almost like family as opposed to the other tourists going to the tourist traps. 

One of the best things to do in Italy is simply sit in a piazza and people-watch. You won’t get that kind of experience in the big cities or near the tourist sites. 

3) Go in the off-season

Although you may not be hanging out at the beach, if you hit Italy in the off-season all the museums are still there, the sites are still there and the food is as good as always. You should go when the tourists are not there and you will notice a big difference in how you’re treated. Not to mention that the prices are lower and there are no lines. 

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