5 Best Wet (Water) Wipes in India for Babies (2024)

best water wipes for babies india

Are you a new Mom thinking about how to provide the best care to your kid? No wonder you want to offer the best of everything to your child. Ergo, it's imperative for you to keep some indispensable things in mind. Many new parents think taking good care of the infant's skin is a hard nut to crack. It needs no mention that the tiny human's skin in your house is gentle and softer, and it needs special care too. Researchers say, baby's skin remains active since birth, and it continues to do so for almost 16 years of age. 

Wet wipes for babies could be one of the best companions to your child for many years. As you will wash your baby often, you will have to take care of the skin and make sure it remains hydrated and moisturized.

Keeping their skin healthy and safe from irritants and allergies is one of the key concerns of every mom who has just started their journey of parenting. There are many factors that contribute to your baby’s health. You may remain extremely cautious while choosing the baby food for your infant. Similarly, you should be equally careful when selecting water wipes in India. We have come up with the five best water wipes for babies in India for 2024 that are 100% skin-friendly. Check out this blog and decide which product is the best for your child. 

1) Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes for Babies

These baby wipes are created with utmost care for your newly born. Mother Sparsh is such a brand that every parent trusts. If you are a new Mom to your child and wondering how to keep your baby's skin hydrated, place your trust in Mother Sparsh. These wipes are specially created for babies who have normal or sensitive skin. If you are too annoyed with the products that claimed to be 100% pure water but ended up being an 'all-chemical' one, vouch on this. 

Your baby's super soft and delicate skin will remain hydrated as these baby wipes are 99% unscented with pure water. This is a natural and entirely biodegradable wipe with a plethora of features. Its plant-based organic formula makes it three times softer and thicker than any other regular wipes available in the market. 

Mother Sparsh Pure Water Wipes for babies

It has been found that scented baby wipes for sensitive skin turned out to be a disaster. Most parents complained that the product did not suit their babies' skin, and they suffered from rashes and allergies. You surely do not want the same to happen with your kid.

Mother Sparsh offers wipes with no added fragrance. Artificial scents can be quite harmful to your baby's skin. It can lead to irritating rashes and dryness in the long run. Your baby deserves the purest form of care, and #MotherSparsh is the ultimate option for the same. The prolonged wetness of these wipes will provide the utmost comfort to your tiny human. 

2) Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes 

Himalaya is already a recognized and trusted brand in India. Many customers choose Himalaya as their number one cosmetic brand because of several benefits. The baby care products of the Himalaya are Ayurvedic. The baby wipes are clinically tested and regarded as the safest product for your baby's skin. 

The main ingredients of these wipes are aloe vera extracts and Indian lotus—these help keep your child's skin free from dryness and irritation. Moreover, Himalayan wipes also work effectively on infection, thereby soothing the baby's skin. Their products keep harmful chemicals like sulfate, parabens, alcohol, and silicones at bay. 

You can rely on this product because it is unscented. It has been found that scent or artificially used fragrances can be harmful to babies. Their skin is quite sensitive and artificial fragrance makes it susceptible to dryness and irritation. Keeping this in mind, Himalaya has manufactured gentle baby wipes. 
Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

3) BodyGuard Baby Wet Wipes 

We have chosen this product as the third-best on our list because Bodyguard aims to maintain your kid's delicate and sensitive skin. Your infant needs wet wipes that are purely made up of water and are free from chemicals. These wipes are also beneficial because the fiber is three times thicker than any general tissue. Moreover, it is blended with aloe vera extracts. 

Put all your worries to a distance and bring home this product without delay. Let your baby have a good night's sleep with this gentle and soft moisturizing baby wipe. Buy this product to get all its goodness. 

BodyGuard Wet Wipes for Baby

4) Johnson's Baby Wipes 

Every household knows the name of Johnson when it comes to baby products. When you search best baby wipes for diaper rash, Johnson is one of the essential names. The brand manufactured trustworthy baby products for decades. Give the gentle touch of unscented baby wipes of Johnson to your kid. It is made up of pure water and has no chemicals or artificial fragrances. The softness of your baby's skin will be well maintained. You can try out aloe vera wipes or general wet wipes. Both are equally effective and work like magic. 

Johnson baby best water wipes

5) MeeMaa Baby Gentle Wipes 

If you are looking for plant-based baby wipes, MeeMaa is also a reputed brand. The wipes will never let the skin of the baby lead to dryness or crack. Its effective plant-based formula makes the wipes totally organic and best for the skin of the little one. It has spun lace with no-woven fabric. The thick fabric can gently rub the skin and nourish it. The skin will be cool and hydrated for a prolonged period. 

MeeMaa Baby Gentle Wipes

The Final Words

Choosing the right product for your baby is exceptionally essential. You need to be cautious about the features of the product before you make the final call. Always remember that pure water baby wipes are the primary need of your infant. The sensitivity of the skin will never be affected when you give your kid the best care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) Which is the best brand for baby wipes in India?

In this listicle, we've mentioned all the best brands that sell baby wipes in India at affordable prices. Take a quick look above to know the ins and outs of their product and then you can easily decide which brand of wipes you should consider for your special one. Don't forget to thank us later.

2) What ingredients to avoid in baby wipes? 

To make an informed decision when buying wipes for your baby, you should always the toxic ingredients such as parabens, bronopol, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), DMDM Hydantoin, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Methenamine, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, isopropyl myristate, polyethylene glycols, Phenoxyethanol, Polyoxymethylene Urea, Quaternium-15, fragrance or perfume, etc. 

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