10 Gift Ideas for Your Home Chef Friend (2024)

gifts for chef friend

Nothing goes wrong if you have that one friend who is great with all the spices, knows how to make a gooey lava cake, and makes the best crispy samosas or battered prawns. And all his recipes do justice to all your reels and boomerangs which will go up on your Instagram feed. Who wouldn’t love a feast on the table whenever you visit a friend? That friend is always a silent in-charge whenever there is a house party or a small camping trip. That friend knows it all.

What to Gift Your Friend Who Satiates All Your Hunger Pangs?

1. Insulated Casserole

A good serving bowl can make a world of difference to the food your friend cooks. With insulated casseroles like Vaya Hautecase that is high on style and high on utility, you get the best of both worlds. Gift a set of insulated casseroles to your friend and encourage him or her to cook more (for you) and click more for Instagram.

Insulated Casserole
Image Credit: Vaya

2. Baking Kit

Is your friend a pro when it comes to baking banana bread? Makes the tastiest walnut cookies? Follows Reynold Poernomo religiously and plans to visit Koi Bakery at least once in his life. Then getting a baking kit is a great idea. Full of baking trays, piping bags, cookie cutters, silicon molds, coupler, fresh chocolate, blueberries, an electric whisk, and more. After all, a friend who can bake is a friend you need to make.

3. For the Coffee Connoisseur

We all have that one friend who is always at a tiff with tea. That friend who was the first one to introduce Dalgona to you, and who makes sure to make you some coffee every time you visit them. Get some premium coffee with well-roasted arabiaca beans, caramel flavors, or a pungy orange vanilla or some monsoon Malabar. A cold brew maker and a coffee grinder also are great gifts. Imagine them making a cold brew to start their mornings and an Instagram highlight full of that. You are surely going to see them bring another cup of coffee for you as a good coffee is a joy.

coffee grinder
Image Credit: Pinterest

4. The One Who Pulls the Cheese

Going to visit a friend for some Cheese Balls and some Chicago Pizza over a restaurant? It’s the right time to grab some aged Parmesan, artisanal Cheddar, Gouda, some Ricota, Olive Oil, Panco Crumbs, and a beautiful Cheese Board made with Resin in their favorite color. Look up some DIY on how to make a Resin Board and make one for your friend who pulls the cheese for you. Don't forget to add some sparkles when the resin is hot.

5. Fondue Kit

Fondues are a trend now. Starting from food bloggers to kids, millennials, and your parents, having fondue is a joy for everyone. It screams of goodness, warmth, love, and togetherness. One of the few meals which need to be had with your family as it is served in one fondue with a candle underneath. May it be with melted herby cheese, molten chocolate, or a curry. Use a Fondue with everything and anything. 

gift ideas for chef
Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Ceramic Cutlery

Got a friend who's a home chef and is about to start a cloud kitchen? Then Ceramic Cutlery is a must. Instagram is a great, wide platform to market online. And just like cinnamon adds a twist to coffee, online marketing is a must for a successful business in this age where everything is literally a tap away. Food that looks good, sells good. Some bowls, plates, and mugs of ceramic can be a great addition to your friend's new startup!

Ceramic Cutlery
Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Customised Apron

If your friend has a habit of getting all covered in curry and cream then get that friend an apron. A customized apron that says "a little slice of heaven" in their favorite color is the right gift that you can get them. It simply screams how you consider them as "a little slice of heaven".

gift ideas for chef friend
Image Credit: Pinterest

8. Bamboo Steamer

A friend who loves to use South Asian flavors, makes the juiciest dumplings and keeps on experimenting with dumplings and baos. Using a bamboo steamer makes the cooking process more authentic. And at the same time, using a bamboo steamer is so Instagramable as you can use the slow-motion video and capture the steam coming out. 

Bamboo Steamer
Image Credit: Pinterest

9. Ice Cream Maker

Did your friend just use fennel seeds with ginger and made ice-cream? And you just love it? Well, that just calls for an ice cream machine. Get that for your friend. 

10. Revolving Cake Stand

Truffle with white chocolate, Strawberry cream with gems, or Vanilla with coffee drizzle? Got that one friend who is the cream queen? Then make sure to get her a revolving cake stand and help her on her crazy creamy journey! 

Revolving Cake Stand
Image Credit: Pinterest


For that friend, who is addicted to Masterchef and Gordon Ramsey, makes you great food and continues to make your world a beautiful place to live, get them a gift that is trendy and help them make memories for life! 

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