What's the Best Time of the Year to Get a Tattoo?

When is the Best Time to Get a Tattoo

The 21st century witnessed the popularity of tattoos and has become a part of fashion for many of us. Many people are opting for quirky and creative designs with a meaning hidden behind it. There are many people who get their loved ones tattooed as a sign of respect or a sign of remembrance. But hey fun fact for you- the first tattoo was discovered on the mummified body of a man from the Otzal Alps between 3370 B.C and 3100 B.C. Okay, that’s enough dwelling in the past. Moving forward to the present time, after the evolution of tattoos from being it a taboo to a fashion statement. 

If you are new to getting a tattoo, here’s what you need to know before you get the first tattoo? Let’s begin with when or which weather is suitable for it. 

When is the best time or weather to get a tattoo?

It’s natural for a person to show off their tattoo during summers by the pool. Also, it’s considered a misconception that summer is the best time for tattoos but in actuality, the best time is during fall or winter. Curious? There are a few main reasons for it. 

Both you and the artist will not sweat in the parlor, as the weather is suitable. 
As you sweat less during winters it’s the best time for the tattoo to heal and get less exposed to the sunlight.
Compared to other seasons, during winters as there are fewer people in the parlor, the attention of the artist will solely be on you. 

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Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo in summer?

Here's why summer is NOT the right time to get inked or tattooed. Too much exposure to sunlight is harmful to the skin and it does more harm than good. Apart from irritation to the skin, it causes early fading of the tattoo. This is a common mistake one does as a first-timer to getting a tattoo. Surely you desire to show off the tattoo at the beach or the pool but the consequences of it are dangerous. If you are at the beach, the tattoo not only gets exposed to the sun but it also gets in contact with the salty water and sand. The unhealed tattooed skin might get a bacterial infection due to it and cause more harm to the skin.

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Tattoos during the spring season

Springtime is usually considered the busiest time for tattoo artists. Even though the idea of getting inked is generally good in spring, you never know how your skin will react to it after the tattoo is done. There are a few pros and cons of getting inked during the spring season. 


Tax Refunds- More than half of the American population receives tax refunds which they can put in good use and pamper themselves with a new tattoo. 
A Good Weather- As far as it’s not raining and humid weather, Spring is good for the tattoo to be healed. 


Pollen Allergy - Spring is known for pollen allergies, mold, fungi, a bad humidity. If you are sensitive to these, it’s vital to postpone the tattoo appointment to some other time.
Rainy Day – It’s a bad idea to go out in the rain with your new tattoo. Spring time has a lot of rainy days and it’s harmful to the skin to get the tattoo wet in the rain. The healing time of the tattoo is longer and prone to skin infections. 
Warm Temperature- When spring transitions into summer, it’s not advisable to go out in the sun and expose the tattoo. This will result in sunburn and a lot of sweating. 

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Tattoos during fall

Fall seems to be the best time for the tattoo to be healed properly. There’s less sun and the temperatures during this season are also favorable. 


Very Few Layers of Clothes- Usually during this season you tend to wear only one or two layers of clothing. This seems to be good for the tattooed skin. Wearing too many clothes might not allow much airflow for the tattoo to heal. But not enough coverage can also cause problems. 
Holiday Discounts- Getting a tattoo during fall is fun and festive since the fall season runs from September to December. During this season the tattoo shop offers holiday discounts and you may get a new tattoo at a cheaper price. 
Less Heat and Sunshine- You can enjoy the outdoor without overheating your skin or feeling dehydrated. 


Allergies- if you’re sensitive to allergies in the fall like ragweed and other allergies, it’s better to be cautious of the time you spend in the outdoors. 

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What type of skin allergies you might get from the tattoos?

People say it’s normal to have redness on the skin after getting inked but what if it doesn’t reduce and becomes much worse like swelling, itching, oozing with puss. There are few mild allergies that can be caused on the skin like: 

Rashes or bumps
Redness or irritation
Skin Flaking
Swelling or fluid build-up 
Scaly Skin

These mild allergies are curable after a few days of treatment but cannot be ignored. There are a few severe skin reactions that need to be taken care of immediately. 

Intense itching or burning on the tattoo
Pus oozing from the tattoo
Hard bumps on the tattoo
Feeling chilly 

Tattoo allergies aren’t the same, sometimes the reaction could result in affecting the immune system

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Acute Inflammatory Allergic Reaction 

This means nothing but any swelling or irritation after the allergic reaction is common and clears up after a few weeks. 


Allergic hypersensitivity to tattoo pigments is a severe reaction that leads to dermatitis or photoallergic dermatitis. This reaction can be treated with topical and intralesional corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and itching.  
Key Points to Remember

Fall or winters are the best time to get inked, and summer isn’t a great time. If you get one during the winter the healing process of the tattoo is complete by the time you decide to flaunt your new tattoo at the pool or the beach. And since it’s the first time that you’re getting a tattoo it’s vital to learn about the allergies that you might have after the tattoo.
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