10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019 According to Pinterest

10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019 According to Pinterest

Beauty trends never give you a break. From flannel hair to jade rollers, in 2018 the world was taken by storm by these changing trends. If you thought the past year was the high road for all the glitz and
glamour, then get ready as according to Pinterest 2019 will knock your socks off.

Pinterest has released their list of the top beauty trends that will be huge in 2019.

Are you ready to handle more glitz and glamour?

Here are the beauty trends that will rock your work in the next twelve months.

1. Standout pouts
Long gone are the days when nude lip colors were acceptable for a pout. In 2019, a colorful pout will be the statement for the office and happy hour. The bare-faced look has taken a quick stylish turn in 2018 and this trend will continue in the year 2019 as well. So, this year the use of liquid matte lipstick will be an upbeat trend.

2. Flaunting shades of grey
You have spent your years hiding your grey hair but not anymore. In 2019 those natural silver locks will be in the trend and you will no longer have to be on the fence worrying about your grey hair. All you need to take care of is to keep your tresses shiny and healthy by using sulphate-free shampoo. Now it might not come naturally to you and you want to color your greys then its ok too. The year 2019 will see a surge in the hair products that repair damaged hair and broken bonds, but their emphasis will be on adding shine to your hair.

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3. Baby bangs will be common
The Audrey Hepburn style will make a stylish comeback in 2019 according to Pinterest. Cropped bangs look great on just anyone and it will see a serious trend in the new year. Baby bangs are for any face shape type and all you need is to find out what kind of super short fringe suits your face shape. Just book an appointment with your hairdresser and let those frills fall.

4. Lilac locks
Your social media feed might be full of lilac locks in 2019 as these flaunt-worthy locks are an all-season choice. They are a playful choice for summer and spring and bright and dreary in winters. You can choose to go bold and dye your hair all lilac to choose to be more subtle and paint a few strands red, in 2019 you will not look out of fashion with lilac locks.

5. Almond-shaped nails
In 2019 when your manicurist asks if you want rounded or squared nails, your answer should be
“almond.” Yes, the nail shape for 2019 is chosen to be the soft and rounded almond nut. Pinterest is full of the trendy almond-shaped nail pics and designs, pick one that appeals to you.

6. Powder dipped nails
Ok, tell us the truth-how much do the chipped nails or ruined polished spoils your day?
It’s a nightmare for those who like to paint their nails red! Enter the powder dipped nails and not only you are saved from ruined polished nails plus they last much longer than traditional gels. Quality dipping nail kits last for 3-6 weeks without chipping. No more ruined nails in 2019, yay!

7. Natural lash lifts
Do you know you can actually lengthen and strengthen your lashes? According to Pinterest 2019 will see a rise of eyelash tonics that will replace artificial lashes. You can also use natural solutions like aloe vera, castor oil and grapeseed oil to naturally lift those peepers. In 2019, you will get introduced to natural nourishing products that will give you the lashes of your dreams. Next in trends will be a new line of beauty and healthcare products. To be part of the 2019 beauty trends you do not have to spend a lot on beauty products. With high-quality coupon sites like GreatBuyz, you can shop smarter and get huge discounts.

8. Glossy makeup 
From colorful lips to slick lids, nothing complements your facial features as a little gloss. Glossy lips have also been a trend but this year glossy eyeshadow will be the limelight. Now a secret tip is to use your same old and regular lip loss as both a lip tint and as an eyeshadow or invest in new Maybelline
eyeshadow product line.

9. Liquid exfoliators
For a brighter and smoother skin, exfoliation is a must. So why not liquid exfoliators?
In 2019, you are no longer forced to use gritty scrub as the new-age water-like gels are here to live that dead skin off your face. The liquid exfoliators do not leave any dirt behind that can clog the pores and give you a perfectly smooth skin.

10. The anti-retinol trend: Bakuchiol
Skincare market is largely ruled by retinol products that prevent wrinkles and fine lines. But 2018 has
seen the advent of a more natural and gentler alternative the bakuchiol. A new ingredient in the
skincare industry, bakuchiol is known to improve pigmentations, remove wrinkles and boost firmness. Available in face creams, face serums and face oils. Know more about bakuchiol here.


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