10 Questions To Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon (Checklist)

Hair Transplant Surgery Checklist

A hair transplant is neither a decision you should make in haste, neither is it one that you should make lightly. If you are undergoing a hair transplant, then you need to remember that it is a surgical procedure, which means that you need to ask several questions, before you actually sign on any dotted lines.

Here is an essential checklist of 10 questions to ask your surgeon before you finalize your hair transplant procedure:

#1 What all procedures for hair transplant are there?

In most cases, there are two options for hair transplant – FUT or strip surgery and FUE. The choice of procedure will be dependent on how large your donor and recipient areas are. For instance, if your recipient area is very large and there is a need of a larger number of grafts, then the FUT method will make more sense. However, if your hair loss is more on the lines of general thinning and there are no obvious bald spots, then FUE would be the better choice. The surgeon that you meet for your consultation, should give you a thorough exam and explain all these procedures to you, before helping you choose the best option. 

#2 Which is better FUT or FUE?

While you might have read about both FUT and FUE, only an experienced surgeon will be able to explain the actual difference between both and only a surgeon will be able to tell you which is the better option. As a matter of fact, even the surgeon will be able to tell you which procedure is better for you, after examining your scalp and hair. 

#3 Can you show me before and after photos?

Before you finalize the clinic, you need to make sure that you ask to see several before and after photos, because these will give you a fair idea of how good they are what they do. In case the clinic staff is not willing to show you photos, you can understand that there is something wrong. The good clinics will always have such pictures at hand and will show them off because they want to show you how good they are at what they do.

Hair Transplant Before After Photos

#4 How many procedures have the clinic, and more specifically, the surgeon handled?

This is an extremely important question because you need to choose a surgeon who has successfully completed numerous procedures because this will prove their expertise and competence. The reason why the number of procedures handled by the clinic is also important is that the experience of the support staff is just as important. 

#5 Would it be possible to meet or talk to former patients?

This is a great way for you to gather first-hand information about the surgeon and the clinic because someone who has already undergone a hair transplantation surgery there will be able to tell you best what to expect. Most good clinics will connect you to former patients so that you can talk to them yourself and get your queries resolved. There could also be certain clinics where the clients might have asked for privacy; at such places, you can ask for written testimonials. 

#6 What is your experience? What is the experience of the staff?

This is one of the first questions that you should ask your surgeon because his or her experience will make all the difference. In the hands of an extremely experienced surgeon, you can be sure that the harvesting and implantation will happen in smooth succession, and the hairline will be designed naturally. This will ensure that when the hair starts to grow in, there will be no signs of a transplant ever having been done. In addition to the expertise of the surgeon, the experience of the staff is just as essential because if they are not able to support the surgeon properly, the chances of the surgery going well are much lesser. 

#7 What all accreditation to you have and which associations are you a member of?

The best and most respected hair transplant surgeons will be those who continue their education and are constantly looking at learning and perfecting new techniques. For this, they will attend courses and seminars, and each time they are awarded a certificate for the same, they will display it in their office. Alternately, some will choose to upload the details on their website, for easier and better access. Checking on these details will allow you to get a fair idea of how good the surgeon is. In addition, the good doctors will also be members of associations for hair transplant surgeons such as The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. 

#8 How many grafts will be needed and how many can be harvested in a single session?

The number of grafts required for your hair transplant will be dependent on how large the recipient area is. The number of sessions required to extract the grafts will depend on how many grafts are needed. These types of information your surgeon should be able to give to you, after the first consultation. 

#9 What kind of precautions need to be taken before and after the surgery?

These are perhaps the two topics that need the most in-depth discussion because you need to know what you are supposed to do before and after the procedure to ensure the best results. When you have signed up with a good hair transplant clinic, you will be told all the instructions verbally and you will also be given a printed list of the same instructions so that there are no confusions or omissions. 

#10 How much will it cost?

This might seem like an unimportant question, but it is one that you should most definitely ask because a hair transplant will not be a cheap affair. In most cases, the cost will depend on the number of grafts being harvested and the viable number of grafts.

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