8 Money Saving Tips To Save Money Till The End Of Month

8 Money Saving Tips To Save Money Till The End Of Month

It doesn’t matter how much money we make every month, the irresistible temptations all around us – be it Dominos Wednesday Offer, Myntra Fresh Arrivals, Koovs EOS, or the clearance sales in the branded stores such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21, ALDO and Steve Madden – in the month end, many of us end up counting and complaining about the last few hundreds that are left in our bank accounts. Doesn’t this sound quite familiar? Well, we understand how much difficult it becomes to survive in the month end, that’s why we are going to share some best money saving tips to save money till the end of month. Happy saving, guys!

Learn The Best Money Saving Tips To Save Money Until The End of Month 

#1 Become A Smart Shopper - Learn How Even Shopping Can Save You Money! 

Become A Smart Shopper - Learn How Even Shopping Can Save You Money

Found something interesting while surfing through Amazon, Myntra or any other shopping site, but running out of money? Fret not! Here’s the trick- don’t buy it right away, instead put that item in your shopping cart and wait until your salary credited in your bank account and later buy using cashback coupons. You can really save a good amount if you know where to find coupons. However, we suggest you to wait for big season sales like Amazon Great Indian Sale or Flipkart Big Billion Day. Buy them for less on a crazy discount from sale.

#2 Download Cash Saving Apps

There are plenty of cash saving apps available both on iOS and Google play store. Download some good apps by checking their ratings and reviews. It will certainly help you a lot in saving some extra cash for the end of the month. Even there are many cash saving apps that give you jaw dropping deals and discounts on shopping, movie tickets, food, grocery, etc.

#3 Walk A Little More Than Usual

Ola and Uber cabs have recently increased their fares by 50% and autos are neither affordable, especially during the last few days of the month. So, the trick here is walk a little more than usual and maybe ask a friend to join you. This way you will not only save all that remaining money you have, but also get time to spend with your friends. It’s a win-win situation.

#4 Learn To Divide Your Money

Learn To Divide Your Money

Once your salary credited into your account, you need to start dividing your money from the day itself. Dividing your expenses as per your travel, shopping, food, rent, entertainment etc.  It is always considered wise to keep 25% of your income aside and keep it for emergency. 

#5 Drink More Water

Sounds quite weird? Well, this is tricky! Wondering how can drinking water help anyone in saving money? Here is how- drinking water at regular intervals will curb your unwanted hunger pangs, which ultimately results in saving more money.

#6 Try Not To Carry Your ATM Card During the Last Few Days of the Month

In this way, you won’t buy the things you don’t need.

#7 Make A List of Items You Need, Not What You Want

When running out of money, you always need to make a list of items you need, not what you want.

#8 Buy Refurbished or Used Items You Need

You can save hundreds of bucks by buying used or refurbished items you need. There are several websites that offer secondhand items in a good condition at pocket-friendly prices.

If you also know some money saving tips that can help anyone to save some extra cash till the end of month, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section below.  

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