Bridal Lehenga Shopping Guide for 2022

How can we save on bridal lehenga?

You’ve found your soulmate, your family likes him, the wedding date is also fixed and now you’ve begun the search for shopping that oh-so-pretty bridal lehenga for your D-day. With Shaadi preparations are in full swing, you would be on cloud nine. Aren’t you? After all, you are going to marry the man you love! 

Girls, we know that shopping for a bridal lehenga is one of the most exciting parts out of the whole wedding journey, but it’s also a very nerve-wracking task of all. Wondering why? Because, finding your dream wedding lehenga is not a cakewalk, especially when we girls want to settle for nothing less but the perfect! And that’s why we’ve come up with this blog post to make your work a little less difficult. Let’s find out some clever bridal lehenga tips that no one will tell you ever.  

#1 First Things First – Identify Your Body Type  

know your body type 

The very first thing you need to do is to identify your body type before you begin your search for that oh-so-pretty bridal lehenga. Every girl is blessed with a different body shape. Some have bottom-heavy (pear-shaped body) and top-heavy (apple-shaped), while others have a banana and hourglass shape. What’s yours? Find it out today and then start planning for bridal wear according to that. 

#2 Do Some Research Work Online Before You Hit The Market   

Do Some Research Work Online Before You Hit The Market

Thanks to eCommerce sites from where you can begin your search for finding your dream wedding lehenga. Before you hit the market, comb some bridal wear sites so that you can have an idea of the latest styles and price range as well. By doing some research work online, you won’t fall in the honey trap of those witty shopkeepers who often use cheesy lines like these:  Ma’am you will look like Deepika Padukone in this dress or Ma’am you have such an amazing choice, in fact, this is the latest design we have, just came today in our shop.   

#3 Know Your Lehenga Fabric 

Fabric plays an indispensable role in making your bridal lehenga oh-so-pretty. When it comes to fabrics, the choices are endless – from georgette, chiffon, satin to net, soft silk, raw silk, Kanchipuram, and the list goes on. It is always considered a good idea to opt for light fabrics such as net, Look here for the bridal fabrics collection.   

#4 Reference Images Are Damn Important 

Reference Images Are Damn Important

Raid the internet as best as you can and find out all the exquisite bridal lehenga designs from Instagram, Facebook to Pinterest. Save the close-ups images of lehenga designs, necklines, and embroideries in your phone for references. When you’ll go out shopping, these reference images will come in handy when you are looking for something specific.

#5 Know What Colors Suit You Skin Tone Best  

Indian brides usually wear red at their wedding, but you can ditch the red color and pick the one that suits your skin tone best. To figure out what colors flatter you the most, you can try out some sarees or dupattas of your mother. This will help you to get a clear idea of what looks best on you, or you can go for vibrant colors other than red such as pink, blue, green, or yellow since these colors look more exquisite and break the stereotype look of an Indian bride.

#6 Choosing The Right Neckline 

Choosing The Right Neckline

This is something, which can make or break your look. Choosing the right neckline of your blouse is very important. Always make sure that you go for a plain neckline like a U-cut, a leaf design or just a round shape since these designs go perfect with Indian attires, especially bridal wear. Your neckline shouldn’t be too deep or too high. Always remember that the right neckline will make all the difference.

#7 Know Your Area Markets and Stores Well  

Instead of randomly visiting any local market, do some research on the internet to figure out the best shopping places in your area for wedding wear.  Priorities these wedding places, markets, and stores based on where you’re more likely to find your dream wedding lehenga and that too without breaking your bank. You can also ask your near and dear ones if they know any best place or store for shopping bridal wear.

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