A Girl's Fantasy- Co'z Beauty Is Not A Size

A Girl's Fantasy- Co'z Beauty Is Not A Size

Are you one of those pretty girls who always get compliments for your beautiful eyes, pink lips and good sense of dressing?? But whenever it comes to your whole body you always get “oh you are stick thin” or “you are looking sick” comments or rather taunts, right?? 

Then, my dear friends, this post is especially dedicated to all those skinny girls out there (including me as well) J to show everyone that ‘beauty is not a size’. We are not sick or suffering from malnutrition, it’s just we have an efficient metabolism. 

Here Are Few Things Only a Skinny Girl Can Enjoy J 

Eat “Whatever”, “Whenever” & “Wherever”: We just don’t have to check the percentage of fat at the back packaging of every eatables or we can have unlimited snacks between our lunch and dinner. Sometimes we can even have an extra plate of chole bhature if you still feel hungry after gulping up the whole lunch :p


Winter Fun: Winters are just super fun for skinny girls. I mean you can put as much clothes as you need to be warm and we don’t even look plump too J


No Tension (chakkar) of Dieting: Seriously!! We just don’t have to follow any sharp diet chart before attending any special function or occasion. What all we have to worry about our makeup and attires? Right Girlz! J

No_tension _dieting_tashiara

Easy to Fit in: Most of the time we get our size attires easily. We don’t need to do extra struggle to find out extra large sizes or run to the tailor to loosen it. Over and above we look pretty sexy in almost every dresses J

Easy_to_fit_in _tashiara

Experiment with Wardrobe: We are always ready to do experiment with our wardrobe. Atleast we don’t feel insecure in wearing shorts during summer like some fluffy girls. From shorts to plazzo we look gorgeous in everything J

Experiment_with_Wardrobe _tashiara_11

Strolling is Easy: Walking is not a troublesome task for us. We can enjoy stroll with our friends and beloved without breathing heavily or feeling tired.

strolling_is easy_tashiara

No Need to Hit the Gym: We don’t need to hit GYM and do n number of exercises to burn the extra fat. We just need to keep maintain us healthy. That’s it. 

No_need_to _Gym_tashiara

So girls after reading all the pros of being a skinny girl, stop worrying about what random people think about your body shape or structure. You are BEAUTIFUL & you should proud it J cherish it J and love yourself. After all you can have so much to enjoy being a skinny girl J 

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