Forget Love, I Would Rather Fall In Chocolate

Forget Love, I Would Rather Fall In Chocolate

Yesss…You are going to say exactly the same thing when you will come to know that chocolate is not only a treat to your taste buds but also comes with so many health benefits. So, here we are going to disclose the hidden reasons to say ‘a big yessss' to chocolate. Check out some amazing benefits of eating chocolate we all didn’t know. 

Improve Blood Flow: Cocoa has blood thinning and anti-clotting properties that work similarly like aspirin which improves blood flow and lower blood pressure. 

Good For Skin: Dark chocolate is a skin friendly ingredient. The flavonols in dark chocolate protect your skin against sun-induced damage and improve blood flow which ultimately makes your skin healthy, unblemished and gleaming.

Makes You Feel Up: No matter how tired you are feeling, a bar of chocolate will always give your lips an upwards curve. And it is not only we think so, but Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the same chemical that our brain creates to invigorate when we feel tired. PEA encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins. 

Good For Your Brain: No.. No we are not finished yet. Dark chocolate also improves the functioning of your brain. Recent study shows that couple of days having high flavanol cocoa enhances the blood flow to the brain. 

Good For Your Brain

Reduce Cholesterol: Regular consumption of cocoa helps to reduce level of ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) and raise the level of ‘good’ cholesterol, which ultimately lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce Cholesterol
Improve Vision: As we knew chocolate helps in improving blood circulation, in particular to the brain. So we can also conclude that it may also increase blood flow to the retina, thereby improves vision. 

Helps In Reducing Weight: Yes….You have heard right. Taking small amount of chocolate before a meal gives signal to your mind & says “I am done”. This will help you to curb your diet which eventually help in reducing weight. 

 Reducing Weight

Makes You Smarter: The flavonol present in cocoa makes people act smarter and awake that results to perform better in every field. 

Chocolate Makes You Smarter

So, Next time before saying ‘No’ to chocolate only because you feel that it might end up gaining some more calories or feel like only kids or girls are made for chocolate, just REMEMBER what Tashiara’s post make you aware of.  


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