Vaseline: Let’s Know Its Unique Uses

Vaseline: Let’s Know Its Unique Uses

Beyond moisturizing your lips, this multitasking petroleum jelly can be used for almost everything from fixing squeaky doors to eye makeup remover. Let’s find out the 10 unique Vaseline hacks: 

Helps in Earring Insertion: For an easier insertion of studs in your ears, rub your earlobes with some Vaseline and then try to insert it. 

Helps in Earring Insertion

Skin Highlighter: A tiny dab of Vaseline on your brow bones and cheekbones can add a dewy touch to your makeup. It is an economical way to get glowing skin.

Skin Highlighter

Prevent Lipstick Stains: Rubbing a bit of Vaseline on your teeth before applying a dark shade of lipstick will prevent the lipstick from sticking to the teeth.

Prevent Lipstick Stains

Makes Perfume Last Longer: Before spritzing perfume, apply a small amount of Vaseline over your wrist and neck. Your wonderful smell last all day long.  

Makes Perfume Last Longer

Lip Scrub: Applying a lip balm on your lips in winters is not enough, Vaseline provides a gentle exfoliation to your lips. So, what you can do is take some sugar, and gently mix a small amount of Vaseline to it. Now scrub this mixture on your lips. For best results, massage in a circular motion.
Lip Scrub

Heal Cracked Feet: It comes with no surprise that Vaseline is one of the finest treatments available to heal cracked feet. This emollient is highly beneficial for your cracked feet, and it also helps to keep your skin smooth and supple.

Heal Cracked Feet

Cuticle Care: Vaseline is an effective ointment for repairing dry cuticles. Massage Vaseline into the fingernails and nail bed before sleeping to get softer hands and shinier fingernails.

Cuticle Care

Soften Elbows: Rub a small amount of Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows before going to bed to soften them.  

Soften Elbows

As A Fire Starter: Planning to camp outside with friends? A cotton ball dipped in Vaseline can be a perfect fire starter.

As A Fire Starter

If you also know some unique uses of Vaseline, please don’t forget to share with us. Your comments will be appreciated.    


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