Grandma Beauty Secrets Revealed! Take A Sneak Peak

Grandma Beauty Secrets Revealed! Take A Sneak Peak

Approaching to your granny for beauty secrets might not be your cup of tea, right? But, she was more knowledgeable and innovative than us in finding ways to keep herself look young and beautiful. The best part of her innovative ways is that they are completely free from chemicals. Today, Tashiara comes up with the top beauty secrets straight from the Grandma’s diary.  So, get ready to take a sneak peak. 

Disappear Acne With Lemon: Undoubtedly, acne is a great cause for worry. Especially, when they pop-up a day before an important function. Grandma says that squeeze a fresh lemon into a bowl and add equal amount of water into it. Now, using a cotton ball dab the mixture onto the acne. The powerful anti-bacterial properties of lemon will help you to get rid of acne and leave you with beautiful, clear and bright skin.

Disappear Acne With Lemon

Get A Golden Complexion With Honey: Nowadays, people are replacing sugar with honey but our granny used it as a face mask. It has been proven that using honey as a face mask gives a beautiful golden glow.

Get A Golden Complexion With Honey

The Magic Of Gooseberries(Amla): If you wish for long, strong and lustrous hair, then follow this advice of our granny- Adding some fresh gooseberries to your diet can help you to get long, thick and black hair.

The Magic Of Gooseberries(Amla)

Drink Carrot Juice To Avoid Premature Graying of Hair: Our Granny says that drinking a glass of carrot juice every day can prevent premature graying of hair for a long time.

Drink Carrot Juice To Avoid Premature Graying of Hair

Fresh Cream To Treat Dry Skin: Back in her time, our granny used to apply fresh cream as a cold cream. It is one of the healthiest remedies to get soft, supple and radiant skin.

Fresh Cream To Treat Dry Skin

The Magical Herb (Turmeric): The powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties of turmeric helps in disappearing scars & marks and also fights effectively against pimples.

The Magical Herb (Turmeric)

Bleach Your Gentle Skin With Cucumber & Lemon: Our grandma used the mixture of cucumber juice and lemon to get of stubborn suntan. Both of them possess natural bleaching agents that work tremendously than chemical based creams or lotions.

Bleach Your Gentle Skin With Cucumber & Lemon

These natural remedies are worthy trying for beautiful glowing skin. So, just give a try and let us know your experience in comments. And, the most important thing, don’t forget to thank Grandma! 


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