Amazing Eyeliner Looks Every Woman Need To Try

Amazing Eyeliner Looks Every Woman Need To Try

There are countless eyeliner tips out there right? Well pretties, Tashiara has put together a comprehensive list of eyeliner tips, tricks and looks. Whether you prefer a subtle look or a dedicated cat eye girl, you will find the experts’ eyeliner tips in this blog post.  So, get ready to have your liner-loving mind blown with our best eyeliner tips and tricks. 

Cat Eye: This is one of the most common eyeliner tricks out there, but it’s unique and cute on its own. You can spice your look by drawing a sharp curve or adding some color around it. 

Cat Eye

Play With Colors: Eyeliner doesn’t always need to be brown or black. In fact, you can get a little crazy look and play with pink, blue or purple color.  One eyeliner trick that we love the most is pairing the eyeshadow with the colored eyeliner. Try it ladies!

Play With Colors

Drop Eye: Have you heard about the 'dropped eyeliner trick'? Probably not, right? Dropped eye is when you apply eyeliner to half of your bottom eyelid. It looks pretty, elegant and perfect for lovely ladies like you!  

Drop Eye

Thick Lines: Another popular eyeliner trick that we personally love the most is thick lines. They can dramatically transform your makeup look and make your eyelashes look fuller & thicker.  

Thick Lines

Smudged: Looking for a quick and easy way to flaunt your eyeliner? If yes, smudge to the outer edges and see the difference.


Open Wings: Open winged liner is little difficult to do but it's worth trying. It has a little opening at the end which gives the impression that the liner is not connected. Try it girls and let us know how you like it?  

Open Wings

Winged:  It’s all about the wing and liner around your eyes.  Winged eyeliner is quite different from the cat eye. So, which one is your favorite?  


Thin Line: This look is perfect for a sexy date night, office or anytime at all. 

Thin Line

White Eyeliner: If you want to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, go for a white eyeliner. This small addition can make a big change in your look. Also, you can apply white eyeliner to the corners of your eyes and make them look wide and highlighted.  

White Eyeliner

If you also know some top eyeliner looks, please don’t forget to share with us. Your comments will be appreciated.  


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