Stop Judging People On These 7 Things

Stop Judging People On These 7 Things

Chu**ya lagta hai tu shakal se, tere se ladki nahi patne wali! 

Abey tu gay hai kya?

Tere bas 50 friends’ hain fb par. 

If you are living in India, you are most probably to face such questions because you’re different from others and you will be questioned. We, as Indians, become mastered in 1 thing and do you know what it is? ‘Right to Judge Everything’. We should accept the fact that we are living in a democratic country where difference of opinion can occur. Judging the people doesn’t describe who they are but it actually defines who you are. If this short intro is interesting for you, then continue your reading because Tashiara has listed a few things on which you should stop judging the people. 

Bank Balance: Bank balance of any person doesn’t display his/her character. Loads of money in a person’s account doesn’t mean that he/she is arrogant or haughty.

Bank Balance

Profession: The word ‘model’ defines a person who walks on the ramp, not a person who has a record of sleeping or building physical relationship with strangers. Everyone if free to choose the profession they want. 


Not Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes: If a girl is unwilling to wear a salwar-suit or saree, it doesn’t allow you to take the India citizenship from her. Everyone is free to wear what they love. 

Not Wearing Traditional Indian Clothes

Smoking: Undoubtedly, smoking is injurious to health but a person who smokes is much better than a person who hurts your emotions or play with your feelings. 


Caste or Religion: Judging and discriminating people on the basis of caste, creed and religion make you bestial. Humanity is the only religion that we should follow. 

Caste or Religion

Number of Facebook Friends: Yeah, I have few friends in my fb friend list and I am not competing with you for more number of friends. The more number of friends in Facebook doesn’t mean they are your real friends that will stand by you in times of sorrow and grief. 

Number of Facebook Friends

Relationship Status: A live-in relationship is not an offence. In fact, it is the right way to check your compatibility with your partner.  

Relationship Status


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