4 Modern and Stylish Ways To Wear Pearl Layers

4 Modern and Stylish Ways To Wear Pearl Layers

Pearls are the epitome representation of class, style and elegance. They never go out of fashion. Throughout history, pearls have been appreciated and adored by the royal societies, where this precious gem adorned the clothes, crowns and tiaras of the aristocrats. But nowadays, pearls are being worn in a bold, fresh and funky manner. Although, there are so many trendy ways to wear pearl layers but Tashiara comes up with 4 exciting ways to wear pearl layers. So, get ready to take a look.

As A Hair band: Think out of the box! If you love to wear hair accessories, choose pearl layers as a hair band. You can make a loose braid and wind the pearl layers along with the curls or you make a messy hair bun and wrap pearl layers to your hairdo. Wearing chunky and opulent pearl layers can be fun & exciting and will certainly accentuate the beauty of any dress.

As A Hair band

As A Necklace: For a stylish look, wear layers of pearls as a necklace. Wearing pearl layers as a necklace can add elegance to any outfit, but look stunning when paired with strapless and halter-neck dresses.

As A Necklace

As A Headgear: Wearing layers of pearls as a headgear can make you look and feel like a princess. What other reasons you need to wear the pearl layers?  Whether you wear a floor kissing gown or a classic cocktail dress, pearl layers can complement any outfit in the most stylish way.

As A Headgear

As A Bracelet: Wind layers of pearls around your wrist to wear as a bracelet. This style of wearing layers of pearls can be worn with any outfit from simple jeans to casual tops and skinny trousers. 
 As A Bracelet


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