10 Quick & Easy Weight Loss Tips for Perfect Body Shape

10 Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips To Get The Perfect Body Shape

Losing extra kilos is a never-ending battle for many of us, right? Today, Tashiara comes up with the best weight loss tips to shape your flabby body within few weeks. So, keep these simple tips in mind and accomplish your weight loss goal.

#1 Add three 20-minute strength-workout sessions each week to burn extra calories

20-minute strength-workout sessions

#2 Try kettlebell workouts - Average person burns 400 calories in 15-20 minutes

kettlebell workouts

#3 Add extra 5 minutes to your daily cardio routine

cardio routine

#4 Avoid junk food. Don't keep junk food in your refrigerator and kitchen area. If it's not there, you will not be tempted

avoid junk food
#5 Take a photo of yourself once a week, so you can see the difference. Weight loss journals are great visual reminder of reaching your desired weigh loss goal.

Take a photo of yourself

#6 Make sure you get enough sleep at least eight hours each night

get enough sleep at least eight hours each night

#7 When you are at home, wear fitted clothes to keep yourself conscious towards your weight loss goal. 

wear fitted clothes to keep yourself conscious

#8 Add berries, avocado and fiber-rich green leafy veggies to satiate hunger for hours.

berries, avocado

#9 Sip green tea, calorie-free water or seltzer instead of sweetened iced tea, juice or soda

green tea

#10 Chew gum while making the food to keep from snacking

Chew gum
 If you also know some best weight loss tips, please don’t forget to share with us.   

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