How to Keep Your Brain Young, Sharp & Healthy in 2022

How can I make my memory sharp?

Like all the movable parts, our brain also suffers from wear and tear with advancing years. It is a common belief among people that whatever healthy is for our body is healthy for our brain too. Things like regular workouts, sufficient sleep, and a healthy balanced diet can actually enhance your brain sharpness. Apart from this, there are many other things that can keep your brain young, healthy and sharp. Now, you are very excited to know such things, isn’t it? So, let Tashiara unfold the proven ways to keep your brain sharp, young, and healthy.

10 Best Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp, Healthy, and Active at Any Age 

1) Say No to Tobacco

Avoid consuming tobacco in all its forms.

How can I improve my brain health?

2) Avoid Excessive Drinking Of Alcohol

You must say goodbye to your excessive drinking habit. Limit yourself to a maximum-3 of drinks a day.

Avoid Drinking Of Alcohol

3) Play A Musical Instrument

According to the latest research, playing a musical instrument can significantly improve your memory.  Even listening to simple classical music can improve your brainpower.

Play A Musical Instrument

4) Brain Aerobics

Try to walk with your eyes closed.

walk with closed eyes

5) Poker Face

Join the card tables to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Poker Face

6) Maintain A Balance

Standing on 1 leg for 2 minutes a day can improve memory in 5-6 weeks.

Maintain A Balance

7) Start Running

Running about 20-25 minutes a day can slow down the brain deterioration.

Start Running

8) Strengthen your brain muscles by reading and writing daily

9) Get enough sleep every day to improve your memory

10) Last but not least - eat healthy 

eat healthy
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