7 Reasons Why School Life Is The Golden Period

School Life

Have you ever heard the adage, “school life is the best part of your life”? Well, it’s true! Isn’t it? School- One single word enough to revive the hundreds of precious moments of our life. Whenever this word strikes into our ears, all those memories started reeling in front of our eyes just like a movie flashback. A school is a place where almost all of us long to revisit if we get a second chance. 

The memories of school life are so special that they almost seem inseparable from us. But what makes us nostalgic every single time when we think about school life. Is it the friends we made, picnic, school functions, or the fun we had? So, let us help you to find out what exactly was so amazing about those sweet school days that become the best phase of your life.

Top Reasons Why School Days Are The Best Days Of Life

#1 The Firsts

The first crush, first heartbreak, first dance, first kiss, and the first “Bhabhi Hai Teri Vo” (remembered that one.) Undoubtedly, school life is packed with so many first experiences. During school time, we did lots of things that we were doing for the very 1st time and those had certainly something unique and unforgettable about them.

first crush

#2 Friends For Life

Talking about the school friends, don’t you really think they are the true and BFF (Best Friends Forever) you have got? No doubt, it’s our school friends who made our school life so memorable. 

Friends For Life

#3 Running Away From The Phone Calls After Exam Results

Seriously, we all hate those who asked “aur beta kitna percent marks aaye” and “Mehta uncle ke beta ke 98.99% aaye”. But, we can’t argue that time because that’s the only time of the year when we get unwanted attention.

Exam Results

#4 Realize Our Dreams For The First Time Before Reality Sweeps In

School is the place where we can dream without thinking about “LOG KYA KAHEGE”. It’s the time when desires are limitless and imaginations are free.


#5 The School Functions

Annual Day, Sport’s Day, Children’s Day, School Foundation Day and more. These school functions have a unique charm about them. No matter, whether you participate or not, these school functions are used to be a great excuse to bunk the classes. That was definitely a funny thing to be a part of your best phase of life.

School Functions

#6 Picnics

Woooow! We’re going to a picnic! We’re going to a picnic! Relax guys, we get over-excited. But, didn’t we all miss our school picnics? I mean, how much fun we had with our friends. Water parks, amusement parks, and even the dull & boring museums, picnics always filled up great enthusiasm in us and enlivened our spirits.


#7 Exams

Many of you might be thinking that this point shouldn’t be mentioned in this list. But, believe me, friends, this is also one of the best moments of your life. A night before the exam when you had a feeling, if you get one more day for preparation, you can perform much better. 



  1. Yeah we all miss school atleast I do.and there r many reasons to do so.

    1. We all miss our sweet school days! They are one of the best moments of our life. Isn't it? Well, thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. Keep visiting Tashiara to read more amazing post.

  2. So true guyz, you revived my school days... thanks

    1. Yeah, we can understand this. Well, Thanks Ashu for leaving your valuable feedback.Keep Visiting Tashiara to read more amazing post.

  3. thats true, we were so innocent when we were small , we were aware of nonsense things.Days of childhood are always, for everyone, the best days of life

    1. Indeed Jay Ram! School days were full of nonsense things yet they are the best part of our life. Thanks for leaving your valuable feedback. Keep visiting Tashiara!


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