Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Finally, you have found the right partner and everything is set for your ‘big day’ but one question remains – what to serve at the ceremony? The answer to this question depends on two factors – your budget and the tastes of your guests. The wide variety of choices makes it obvious to get into this dilemma. We shall deal with it here.

What makes a wedding event awesome is food and drinks, along with some interior decoration. So, serving drink and food combos is probably the best idea that you can consider to make your wedding a memorable, grand and satisfying event. A study concludes that the amount and kind of alcohol people consume largely depends on their age, marital status, and other such factors. Make sure you make proper research before going ahead. Before getting into the topic here are a few things that you should know about hosting wedding treats with a glass of Blackcraft.

Styles of serving food at events

Back then, couples had only two choices – a sit-down dinner and a buffet wedding. Either the guests sit down and the waiters serve them food or the guests serve themselves. But now there are many more innovative options.

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#1 Conventional sit-down dinner

Your guests sit at their tables and the waiters serve food to them.

Each of your guests gets to taste all the food.
Cost effective as the number of dishes will be limited.

Many waiters are to be hired for serving.
If picky eaters are on your guest list, then they may not finish their plates.

#2 Buffet- style dinner

Here, there will be a food counter with the plates and the other things arranged. Waiters will be serving the food items or the guests get to serve themselves, it depends on your caterers. The guests come in when the counter is open, serve themselves whatever they wish to eat.

Lesser cost as a lesser number of people is hired for serving.
Your guests can select what they wish to so the wastage will be less.

Buffet food sometimes seems like hostel food – standing in a queue for food. If your guests are not used to such serving, better not serve this.
You might have to rent the serving pieces, linens, chafing dishes, etc if your caterer does not provide it.
Each table might have to wait for its turn and lines may also form. Plus, it may take quite some time before all the tables get their first round of food.

#3 Serve-it-Yourself Food stations

This has an advantage over buffet – the food counter is open for a longer time and is as satisfying as a plated meal. Here, food items are arranged in separate counters based on the category. The guests have a little more independence to roam about and choose what to eat.

The guests will love the variety of foods served and choose whatever they wish to eat.
It has scope for good decoration, which will add to the visuals of the wedding.

The reception site will require more room to accommodate food stations.
Might require more chefs if you plan for interactive or live stations. This adds to your catering bills.

#4 Family style Wedding dinners

This is similar to sit-down dinners. Guests are assigned tables and the servers serve each table with food. Large portions of food items are served to each table so that the guests can help themselves whatever they wish to eat.

Guests can have as much food as they like.
Mealtime is very efficient as guests can start eating as soon as the food is served.

Extra food will add to your catering costs.
Your budget may increase as you may need to rent the extra platters and serving items.

Now that we have covered the food, let us now get into drinks.

Serving Drinks

Any event, not to forget the wedding event is incomplete without a glass of alcohol. Here are a few ideas on serving drinks on your wedding day.

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#1 Bring in signatures

Make your wedding event unique and memorable with signature cocktails. Let them match your color scheme, so that it becomes a part of the visuals. Let it represent your personality (like serving the specialty of your hometown), name them after your bridal party featuring cocktails from both sets of parents.

#2 An Open Bar

While it is a little rude to have a cash bar at your wedding, you can always have an open bar in the event. It is a very good idea to serve affordable classics like black velvet whiskey. If you are on a tighter budget, you can always skip the costlier ones and serve affordable drinks like beer, wine or simply just a signature drink.

#3 Extras

Some extra accessories like monogrammed napkins, stemless wine glasses with your wedding date or initials on it give an extra personal touch to the event, making it memorable. You may also want to serve specially brewed wine for your wedding or maybe even serve special customized chocolate gifts with your initials engraved on them. Just get creative!!

Now, we shall look into a few amazing drinks and dine combinations for your wedding day.

#1 Vodka and Fish

Vodka, though usually a base for cocktails, is famous in vodka loving countries like Russia and Poland as an accompaniment with food, preferably fish. Some of the fish-dishes that go well with vodka are smoked fish like smoked maceral, smoked eel and smoked salmon; Blinis with smoked fish toppings and Caviar.

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#2 Domaine Bousquet 2005 Chardonnay and Seafood

Domaine Bousquet 2005, which is a white wine is suitable for white meats and seafood, both in visuals and taste. This perfectly pairs with light food such as lobster, crab or shrimp with pasta cream sauces. Snapper is tailor-made for Chardonnay.

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#3 Buronga Hill Estate 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon and Beef

This red-grape full-bodied wine pairs wonderfully with beef and lamb dishes, especially with foods that are heavier and have a lot of rich sauces like stir-fried beef and/or ribs.
If you choose to replace Sauvignon with Blanc, you can pair with chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes.

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#4 Beer and Chicago style hot dogs

Pair a light flavored beer like Sam Adams Light Beer with strong flavors of onions, peppers, and mustard, so that the strong tastes don’t fight with each other.

#5 Torpedo and Hot Dogs with avocado and chips

The mild tastes of avocados, lime, tomatoes, and raw onions go well with a robust beer like Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo. Perfect for a day wedding.

#6 Rye and chocolate biscuits

Full-bodied rye along with Tesco chocolate biscuits make an ideal pair. The spiciness of rye contracts with the pleasant sweetness of brown sugar in chocolate biscuits. Whether you would like your biscuit to be crispy or chewy, rye is the best one that you can choose.

#7 Cotton Candy and Champagne

Cotton candy, or basically any sweet goes well with bubbly drinks like Champagne and Prosecco. Make your wedding memorable and happy with sweets.

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#8 Bourbon and Meat

Bourbon, along with its caramel sweetness which comes through aging in charred in new barrels, pairs well with food with a caramelized component like seafood, vegetables, meat, dessert, etc.

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Tips for Pairing Food with Drinks

Before looking into the food and drink pair for your wedding, here are a few tips to pair them up.

#1 Acidic Drinks with Heavier food

If you are serving a heavy meal, acidic drinks go well with it. Pasta with cream or chow mein or even salads dressed in a citrus vinaigrette has greater benefits from acidic drinks. Alcoholic and acidic drinks refresh the palate and also aids in digestion.

#2 Alcohol Levels

Always remember that higher the alcohol level, spicier your food becomes. So, if you are serving spicy food and your guests have an appetite for spicy stuff, serve stronger alcohols with food.

#3 Sweet drinks

A golden rule is that sweet drinks complement spicy and salty foods. So, if your guests do not like spicy stuff much, you may serve a sweet drink along with spicy food. This balances the spicy and salty foods.

#4 Consider other factors like texture

Crunchy, fried foods go well with bubbly and sparkling drinks. Sparkling wine and fried chicken actually pair with each other well.

Picture Perfect Wedding

If you wish to make your wedding ideal for pictures, you may want to add viniq to the menu of drinks. Viniq, being a shiny drink with the taste of vodka, Moscato and natural fruits, adds luster to your wedding party. This will make your wedding memorable and your guests will remember the event for a long time if the decoration if managed well.

So, this was all that we had to tell you about the best drink and dine combos for the Big Day. Keep these tips in mind and also serve the dish – drink combinations at your wedding party. This helps to make your wedding a grand and memorable event.

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