Clotify: Your Favorite Virtual Wardrobe

Clotify: Your Favorite Virtual Wardrobe
This post is in partnership with Clotify

Hello all pretty people!

We would like to introduce you with the newest, fashion, mobile application: Clotify. You can download it for free from App Store or Google or simply from web page:

In one word: Clotify is a virtual wardrobe, which you can carry in your pocket in your mobile phone. It is a mobile, virtual world of fashion. Clotify is like Instagram but strictly dedicated to fashion. It is about creating your virtual wardrobes by taking photographs of your clothes. You can make your wardrobe 'public' and share it with others users or private (or partly public). It is a big time saver. Why? For example if you go on holidays and plan what to pack, you don't have to approach real wardrobe to do it or  if you don't know what to wear to work next day. You can enter your virtual wardrobe in your mobile phone and decide what to take from any place else (for example while you are on the bus).

In addition:  In real life how many times you wanted to borrow clothes from your friends or even people you keep meeting on the streets and you didn't have courage to do it:-)? By using Clotify it is possible. You can "borrow' clothes from other users to create stylizations in form of 'collage' 

You can also "borrow" clothes from internet, clothing brands that are on Clotify and of course you create your wardrobe by taking photographs of your own clothes. So this is opportunity to  create your stylizations and share it with others users, they can give you likes, leave comments and follow you. If you don't know what to wear and need inspiration you can enter virtual wardrobes of celebrities on Clotify or simply wardrobes of other users. However there is 'column' in Clotify dedicated  to celebrities only  and it will be growing. Every blogger or stylist can suggest remotely to  their potential clients what they can wear.

You can also shop online having access to the newest collections of famous clothing brands.


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